Sets your brand identity different from the rest

Corporate identity, what is it? It is defined as an identity that sets your brand apart from the rest. Having a strong corporate identity will put a company in the path of success in the competitive market nowadays.

A strong corporate identity must pass beyond printed materials and show a constant message in all means of communication, especially online and visual media. At Lembark Solutions, we have the capability to convert the company’s identity, mission and focus into a graphic representation.

Whether you are a new company starting to make an identity or a company already established and is still considering to revive or complete on a current brand, we just want you to know that Lembark Solutions is a company that fully understands all the needs of your company.

corporate identity

Logo/Brochure/Catalogue Design

Logo-Brochure-Catalogue Design

Lembark Solutions can help define your company through our expert team of visual thinkers who are very imaginative in creating great logo designs. We can also help ecommerce corporations to share out their message through custom brochures and catalogs that are made in professional and high quality designs. We have the capability and experience that you can rely on. We will be there all throughout the whole process to make a one of a kind catalogue or brochure that represents your brand.

Custom Banner Design

custome banner design

Do you desire a fancy advertisement or make something catchier? We can aid you with that! Lembark Solutions has team that can provide create professional banner designs. Out target is to offer custom banner designs that will meet your specifications in full detail. Your desired web banner design will be produced in a manner that will reach out to your target audience.

Flash & Multimedia

Flash & Multimedia

Presentation through multimedia is the best and effective way to promote a range of new products. Media-rich presentation is normal now a day. A good way to convey multimedia content is through film animation. Lembark Solutions can offer advance flash skills. We have a broad experience of flash scripting and also have a developed database driven solution that uses flash animation.

Print Ads/Magazine

Print Ads/Magazine

There is a big difference when it comes to comparing print design and web design, and only professionals know this. Since print design and web design uses different mediums, designing approach also is very different. We, at Lembark Solutions, are here for you if you are considering for print ad and magazine designs for your business