Insta Shapes
InstaShapes lets you crop and frame your pictures into custom shapes and words with filters, adjustments, colors and sharing!

Main Features:
*Crop/ frame your pics into custom shapes and words
*Tons of custom shapes and words to choose from and more on the way
*Zoom, rotate and move both the picture and the shape for endless possibilites!
*Use awesome new filters to edit your images
*Adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation
*Adjust the opacity of your shape or overlay
*Change the color of your shape – lots of artistic colors to choose from!
*Take pictures with the in app camera or select from your photo library
*Save pics to your photo library and share directly with friends
*Share directly to Instagram, facebook, Twitter, tumblr, flickr and more
*Add #instashapes to your photos and follow us on Instagram




iPhone/iPad Application Development

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