Lembark Solutions’ mobile applications can lend a hand to connect with your target audiences further than your custom website. Remember, individuals nowadays use mobile devices on any internet activity; so connect and get in touch with your customers on their mobile devices.

Creating and designing high-rate mobile applications require the combination of an outstanding user-centric design with the authority of enterprise architecture. An effective mobile application will not only offer the accurate functionality but it can also generate a brilliant user experience. Additionally, data integration, security and enterprise architecture considerations should be taken into consideration.

We cater mobile application planning, designing and developing for companies that desire to promptly organize great architected, visually interesting mobile applications. Our knowledgeable team of planners, visual designers and developers make use of enterprise class experience to take on every mobile application we create.

– iPhone/iPad

The foundation of iPhone/iPad applications has delivered exemplary power and functionality to every mobile device. We at Lembarks Solutions, dedicate ourselves to exemplifying incomparable functional abilities in these devices by building up original and tough iPhone/iPad applications. With our deep comprehension of development processes, we convey all-inclusive iPhone/iPad mobile applications gratifying the diversified business sectors.

– Android

Lembark Solutions is a top android development company that delivers robust android application development solutions to every enterprise around the globe. We have established proficiency in Android application development that verifies benefit-added services to your mobile functions. Employing the utmost potential of the complicated Android SDK platform, our developers make use of remarkable Android development tools to discover limitless product development potentials.

– Windows

In the present, the number of mobile users and customers is remarkably enormous. For this reason, the demand of Windows mobile application development is also great. We, at Lembark Solutions, proffer top-notch Windows mobile application development services to everyone across the world. By means of entrusting your Windows mobile application development services to Lembark Solutions, you need not to worry because you will positively attain access to premium work at cost-efficient rates for a short turnaround time.

– Blackberry

Lembark Solutions utilizes a vigorous and skillful team of BlackBerry mobile application developers that provide nonstop solutions and services such as business analysis, proposal, development, QA and project management. They can generate customized blackberry applications to satisfy your user and business needs.

Our BlackBerry application developers possess a comprehensive experience on the two major platforms used by BlackBerry applications including the BlackBerry Mobile Data System (BlackBerry MDS) and Java 2 Micro Edition (JSME).



Making up your mind whether having a web designer or not in creating your website is a daunting task. The very first thing that will pop out of your mind is the idea that you will spend a great amount of money. There are a lot of means when it comes to designing websites, some are inexpensive and there are even free that have been made with website templates. But in truth, having a professional web designer can be your best option and also is a good investment if you want your business to be successful.

– Custom website

Custom website can show your company at its finest. Having a customized website can offer the mix of both content and design that is essential in representing your company and can also provide that “feeling” to the customers. Of course, website templates cannot offer uniqueness. Just keep in mind that having a distinct website will catch visitors’ attention and will help promote the image of the company and increase sales.

– E-commerce website

E-commerce, with the buying and selling of merchandise and even services thru the internet, is becoming prevalent in the world of commercial business. Websites that provide e-commerce, functions as a 24-hour shop, developing client interactions to deliver information and ordering, but also making sure in maintaining transaction security.

Many of the traditional business methods will eventually migrate to online processes. In a fast-paced business environment, e-commerce websites are becoming mainstream and is offering a sure way in conquering the business world.

– CMS website/Wordpress

Website administration has been a problem for many users with little information on web programming languages, not until (CMS) content management system was accessible, which helps non-technical users the capability of managing output and documents for multiple author participation.

The CMS we are offering is good in website authoring, administration tools and collaboration, providing the users the capability to make, manage and edit content on their websites in an easy manner without demanding comprehensive technical orientation.

– Redesign/Update Existing Website

Knowing how effective a website design is measured through its ability to get the customer’s attention in just a few seconds and to make a good impression of credibility, reliability and professionalism.

Domain Registrations

If you are thinking of creating your own online business, the very first thing you must have is a domain. It is a name that is uniquely given to your website that will function as your virtual address in the WWW (World Wide Web). It is helpful to customers in a way that will be easy for them to find your business online. Lembark Solutions over its domain registration and Web hosting can offer incomparable power, upload and download speeds, disk space and pentagon level security.

– Hosting & Maintenance

The vital thing in making your clients and customers hooked to your business is their experience and satisfaction when they are using your website. If you have bugged systems and out of date contents, this will not give them a reason to come back, losing those potential customers. Lembark Solutions can provide a virtual web team for maintaining your website and help in keeping your website run at an optimal level.


Are your expectations achieved by your website? Does it rank first or second on the leading search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo? If your answer is not, Lembark Solutions can help.

If your website is not showing up on the first few pages in the search engines, most likely, internet users cannot stumble on your website that is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for your organization or business’ online presence. Optimizing your website through the right integration of keywords and keyword phrases, your website will pull off high rankings.

– Social Media Marketing and Integrations

Did you know that correct social media marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc. have the capability to augment your traffic by 20% or more? However, perhaps you do not have enough finances to employ an expensive team to make tweets and posts day by day. With the affordable services of Lembark Solutions, we will set up everything for you. We will assist you in generating leads and constructing brand awareness.

Bear in mind, strategically used social marketing can help you create a direct connection with your target audiences who are willing to engage with and spread your brand.

Our services include:

  • Creation and designing of social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Tumbler and YouTube
  • Website integration (buttons, feeds, icons, widgets and etc.)

– Mobile Applications Marketing

Boost your mobile applications downloads and sales with Lembarks Solutions’ mobile applications marketing services. Our group of experts has the profound ability and knowledge to effortlessly market your products straightforwardly to your target audiences. We put forward exceedingly efficient marketing services that can significantly increase your applications’ media publicity and media visibility levels. To undergo marketing at the utmost level, advance your iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows applications on the Google Play market and App Store with Lembark Soultions. We will ensure that your entire marketing needs are accomplished.


These days, if you are not employing an animated explainer video to promote your product, business or organization, you are almost certainly losing out potential customers because video is the new trend and new print. Video can create a real great impact on any type of business from cafes to restaurants, inns to hotels, salons to spas.

Lembark Solutions presents a wide array of reasonably priced video and animation production services for all kinds of business and organization. We make various styles of online marketing videos for websites, corporate communications, online business marketing and sales lead generation.

Our expert video and animation production services team works hand in hand with each project to formulate the video production procedure easy, effective and enjoyable devoid of superfluous delays or budget shortages. Our video and animation production rates are much cheaper than the traditional marketing companies. As video marketing specialists, we recommend important insights and suggestions on how to best develop your online videos and animations to produce the best and desired results.

Our video & animation production team can make:

  • New Product introduction video – vital to any kind of business that want to promote their products and services is a new product introduction video. As you see on TV, business companies create an advertisement to launch their brand new and enhanced products and services, however advertisements can be too short to thoroughly explain and promote your product; thus a new product introduction video exists because it can tell the complete story to the target audiences.
  • Custom & Process flow video and Funny video – Aside from new product introduction video, Lembark Solutions has also the skills to create high-quality customized video and funny video. We can do whatever video you desire. Just tell us and we can generate it. We can showcase any product, services or events with our customized or funny videos. Amaze your clients, magnetize more visitors to your site and witness how your sales soar high!