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Website is the best way to find new customers

Making up your mind whether having a web designer or not in creating your website is a daunting task. The very first thing that will pop out of your mind is the idea that you will spend a great amount of money. There are a lot of means when it comes to designing websites, some are inexpensive and there are even free that have been made with website templates. But in truth, having a professional web designer can be your best option and also is a good investment if you want your business to be successful.

We develop advanced web applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn’t matter how small or big your company is we have solutions for any size of budget.

Lembark Solutions offers custom web application development services using PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby On Rails, Ajax & Flash.

You can hire web page developers from Lembark Solutions according to your needs either on fulltime or part-time basis. The web design development professionals starts with the requirement analysis of your website followed by database design and subsequently being the effective development. Once the web application is developed in the local system, it is uploaded on your server for your quality testing and approval.

Custom website Design

Custom website can show your company at its finest. Having a customized website can offer the mix of both content and design that is essential in representing your company and can also provide that “feeling” to the customers. Of course, website templates cannot offer uniqueness. Just keep in mind that having a distinct website will catch visitors’ attention and will help promote the image of the company and increase sales.


E-commerce website Design

E-commerce, with the buying and selling of merchandise and even services thru the internet, is becoming prevalent in the world of commercial business. Websites that provide e-commerce, functions as a 24-hour shop, developing client interactions to deliver information and ordering, but also making sure in maintaining transaction security.

Many of the traditional business methods will eventually migrate to online processes. In a fast-paced business environment, e-commerce websites are becoming mainstream and is offering a sure way in conquering the business world.

CMS website WordPress

Website administration has been a problem for many users with little information on web programming languages, not until (CMS) content management system was accessible, which helps non-technical users the capability of managing output and documents for multiple author participation.

The CMS we are offering is good in website authoring, administration tools and collaboration, providing the users the capability to make, manage and edit content on their websites in an easy manner without demanding comprehensive technical orientation.


Redesign/Update Existing Website

Knowing how effective a website design is measured through its ability to get the customer’s attention in just a few seconds and to make a good impression of credibility, reliability and professionalism.

Domain Registrations

If you are thinking of creating your own online business, the very first thing you must have is a domain. It is a name that is uniquely given to your website that will function as your virtual address in the WWW (World Wide Web). It is helpful to customers in a way that will be easy for them to find your business online. Lembark Solutions over its domain registration and Web hosting can offer incomparable power, upload and download speeds, disk space and pentagon level security.


Hosting & Maintenance

The vital thing in making your clients and customers hooked to your business is their experience and satisfaction when they are using your website. If you have bugged systems and out of date contents, this will not give them a reason to come back, losing those potential customers. Lembark Solutions can provide a virtual web team for maintaining your website and help in keeping your website run at an optimal level.

Lembark Solutions Website Development Portfolio Projects

A portfolio of the good things that happen when organizations trust us with their digital vision.

  • Boreale


    It's Beer brand Introductory web site

  • Atlas Medic

    Atlas Medic

    Atlas Medic is web site related to distribution of medical supplies and equipments

  • Nova Bus

    Nova Bus

    Nova Bus and it's manufacturing unit introductory web site

  • Get Tipsi

    Get Tipsi

    Get tipsi is iPhone application introductory website that represents all the features of it's application

  • Art Partner

    Art Partner

    Art Partner is the leading artists management and creative content agency with offices in New York, London and Paris.

  • Get Malas

    Get Malas

    Get Malas is online shoping store of different types of bags

  • Fond of Letterpress

    Fond of Letterpress

    fond of letterpress is wedding invitation card manufacturer

  • MulberryLove website development

    MulberryLove website development

    Mulberry Love is a premiere superfruit drink combining mulberry juice and just the right amount of coconut water to make a delicious, healthy, and refreshing beverage. Mulberry Love quenches your thirst while boosting your immune system

  • bijan website developmet

    bijan website developmet